Executive 2012–2013


Miriam Cummings and Lindsey Huebner were CAST’s 2012–2013 Co-Presidents. Ned Zimmerman joined as Treasurer in October 2012.

2012–2013’s active CAST members included (in alphabetical order) Veronica Baron, Kia Borst, Sean Cunningham, Matt Dawson, Leah Fong, Ed Fuller, Cassia Giancola, Jillian Harris, Tyson Houseman, Anthony Kennedy, Curtis Legault, Michael Martini, Cooper McGinnis, Samantha Megarry, Michael Mercer, Tara Miller, Norah Paton, Alex Petrachuk, Michelle Rambharose, Michael Santiago, Chloe Tassé and Sonya Vallis.

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