NOV 15 Suzanne Cerrata Dialects, Speech and Accents Workshop (FREE)

The lovely Suzanne Cerrata is offering a free workshop for Concordia students who want to learn more about their speech, dialect and accent. The workshop is geared toward students who aren’t native English speakers but could benefit any actor looking to better understand their voice. There is potential for a second workshop if there is demand for it.

THE WORKSHOP IS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, all supplies will be provided ♥

To sign-up or if you have questions contact Suzanne at:

“This English voice and speech workshop is designed for non- native English speaking actors and native English speaking actors who wish to learn key elements of pronunciation for performance. The workshop will cover a basis in phonetics and individual sounds that are challenging for the non-native speaker, sound perception or training your ear to hear differences in sounds, stress in both words and sentences, intonation, connected speech (both perception of it and production), and putting all of this into practice with clear tools that you can use right away in your performance and character building. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring something to write notes (pen and paper). All other handouts and materials will be provided. If you have a scene or a monologue in English that you would like to work on, bring it!”

Here is some info on her from her Accent Guru site:

Suzanne graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BFA in Acting where she fell in love with all things speech and became a wiz at the International Phonetic Alphabet.

It all began when Suzanne, who grew up in Brooklyn, moved to Houston Texas when she was 12, and realized everyone else sounded so different. “SAHY DAHWG,” a sixth grader asked her. “Umm, you mean DAWWWG?” she answered. That was the end of Suzanne’s Brooklyn Accent. It took her two weeks, but she changed her accent so she could fit in to the Texan world. That was when she realized what changing your accent required. A good ear, memory of speech perception, and musculatory agility. In fact, she realized with practice of these three things, anyone could do it! And that is how Suzanne helps her clients today!

Using these three components, she has developed what she calls the Spring-Board System. Each accent or dialect has a Spring-Board, or jumping off point consisting of two to three easy physical “reactions” or sense memories that help create the space needed to begin the accent.

She has been coaching accents and dialects for over ten years in NYC, and has worked with great people, including full productions of Around the World in 80 Days, Off Broadway, Dusty The Musical, Broadway Workshop; The Kennedys, Off-Broadway; Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Off-Broadway; Individual students for Once, Broadway; Shakespeare in the Park; Matilda, Broadway; Irish Rep; UCB; and various TV Shows and Film.

Suzanne is also a top voice over actress at Innovative Artists New York. She is currently the voice of ads with Revlon, Olay, Garnier Olia, and Veet.