Notes from the Theatre Town Hall

Here are some notes I took. Also, see our Twitter feed.

In order to get into TDEV 498B/C classes (Designing and Conducting an Acting Workshop) you need to write a letter of intent to Jen which she will forward to the instructor in order to get permission to register. Please make note of classes that you’ve already taken in the letter, as the instructor will not necessarily have access to it. You should do this as soon as possible. It’s understood that the classes will be taking place later than usual during the summer session—end of May or beginning of June. Information sheets about these classes are available from Jen for those who couldn’t be in attendance at the Town Hall.

There have been rumors of a faculty strike. But it isn’t going to happen an agreement in principle has been reached in negotiations between CUFA and Concordia’s administration and Robert expressed confidence that the agreement would be ratified and the current dispute resolved without a strike. Robert credits this to Alan Shepard’s commitment to taking labour issues seriously; Ulla also points out that the high levels of support for the strike mandate put the pressure on.

In terms of cuts: we have had to remove three classes from. theatre. All summer classes had to be held while the decision was being made. Design and Conducting an Acting

TDEV 398: Art Fare Essentials is being offered in conjunction with Jumblies Theatre in Scarborough in May 2013. Engaging with and creating community. May 13–16 in Montréal, May 21—24 in Toronto. For more information, see Jen for information sheets.

A new design class is being introduced: Drawing for the Theatre.

TDEV classes in the fall: Theatre for Young Audience, Community Arts, The Neighbourhood Theatre.

THEA: Only one directing class, in the fall. First Nations Dramaturgy and Playwriting Strategies in the fall—required for those cast in the production.

Mark Sussman will also be teaching a fall class, special topics in performance studies: Epic Theatre before and after Brecht.

THEA 342 (tentatively listed as Playwriting II), will be offered next winter, and will be linked with…

Concordia is hosting a conference called “Enquentro” (“encounter”) in the summer of 2014. Run by NYU’s Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics. Workshops and performances from June 21-28th. 750 participants, 1/3 from Canada and the rest from across the Americas. Cabarets at Sala Rossa. Mark attended the conference in Brazil in January. Very exciting—contact Mark to get involved. There’s a call for participation; many more people will apply than get accepted.

Fall TPER: Advanced Shakespeare, Clown Techniques is back. When Writers Play in the fall.

Winter TPER: Biomechanics, Emo Lab, Intro to Sight Reading and Dialect.

Productions: Fall SIPAs. Contact Raymond with a proposal/bribes. The theme is “happiness”/”joy”. Fall: The Islands of Love, DB Clarke; SIPAs/Erlangen: FC Smith. Winter: Tonight We Play A Sogetto, FC Smith. Attawapiskat Is No Exception, DB Clarke.

Robert extols virtues of PROD 399A—opportunities to be involved in many ways if you aren’t cast in a production. Taking this class won’t reduce the number of PROD credits you can take.

Pre-requisites for Advanced Shakespeare: Voice I, and permission of the department.

Majors who want to get into performance classes have to fill out a permission slip to register within the period that it’s reserved. Once TPERs have had the chance to register, Majors will be registered in the order that their slips were received.

If you can’t register for one reason or another, go to the class and try to get in! Worst that can happen—you won’t get in.

There will a be a playwriting class offered in the fall. If you are interested in playwriting, take it!

You can’t take “When Writers Play” if you’re in a production.

The Un-Pretty Project, Part II will be offered in the winter, likely a continuation of the current class.

On April 8, representatives of the Festival Transameriques will be here at 4pm to offer discount tickets and other things. It’ll be on the 7th floor somewhere, sez Noah Drew.

As always, if you have any questions, contact your departmental advisor!