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from the mailbox: Imago Theatre youth mentorship program
from the mailbox: Yiara Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions! Want to get published? Send us your: – Creative writing, academic essays, reviews, interviews and visual work of any medium. – All work should relate to the concepts of women and art in the broadest sense of… The lovely Suzanne Cerrata is offering a free workshop for Concordia students who want to learn more about their speech, dialect and accent. The workshop is geared toward students who aren’t native English speakers but could benefit any actor…

Congolese and Bollywood Dance Workshop! Tuesday October 27th, 7:00pm *photo by David Ward* //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// WHAT IS THIS A one-time workshop co-hosted by CAST and Le Projet Rencontres! Led by three Projet Rencontres ensemble members, Farah Fancy, Junior Padingani…

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